Thoughts 10 – Antifa Is Not Anti Fascist, it’s Anti Civilization

1) Antifa is a pro-communist organization, with pro-Marxist, pro-communist, or pro anarchist designs. The question is why are Antifa Pro-Communist, Pro Marxist, Pro Anarchist in the first place? (We know the answer.)

2) Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Neo-Marxism, Postmodernism, Anti-Male Feminism, PC/Woke, anti-colonialism, anti-whiteness, white-replacement, white-genocide movements constitute an intentional, organized, TOTAL WAR against ALL institutions and markets of cultural production. But why do they conduct that war against all institutions of cultural production? (We know the answer.)

3) The Left (again, consisting of Marxism, communism, socialism, neo-marxism postmodernism, anti-male feminism, PC/Woke, anti-European, anti-white) used the opportunity created by the industrial revolution to change the Abrahamic (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) supernatural false promise of (a) freedom from realism, naturalism, and logic, (b) Freedom from physical scarcity, (c) freedom from behavioral amorality, reciprocity, and kin preference, and (d) freedom from evolutionary mutation, load, regression to the mean, natural selection, and the race with time and the red queen AFTER DEATH, to a Pseudoscientific false promise of freedom from those same limitations of material reality after ‘revolution’. And the left claimed that the underclasses were oppressed rather than reproduced at rates greater than their productivity could provide for, given the costs of maintaining the military, economic, financial, traditional, normative, commons. The left claimed whites were gods, by blaming them for ‘gods laws’ rather than being ‘gods’ for having discovered, adapted to, and applied the laws of the universe – when EVERY SINGLE other civilization invented a network of lies to evade them – and stagnated or declined for having done so.

4) Antifa is a radical Marxist, Leftist (anti-European) organization justifying itself by claiming it’s anti-fascist, when the only reason for the existence of Fascism is to prevent the Marxist Total War against the institutions of the cultural production of western civilization. So Antifa (communism’s) Strategy is to claim that the European civilized world that dragged mankind kicking and screaming against its will out of superstition, ignorance, poverty, hard labor, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, and the victimization of nature – is oppressive. Or more simply that the left hates European civilization most discovered, adapted to, and applied the laws of the universe, because they are unfit for those laws of the universe. Not because man says so. But because the physics of the universe says so.

5) Humans cooperate using markets in association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, polities, and warfare. We develop the institutions of the family, norm, tradition, religion, education, law, to intergenerationally transfer our group strategy.  The European group strategy is the only one that didn’t fail to discover, adapt to, and apply the laws of the universe, and then deliver the science, technology, medicine, and knowledge to the world by having done so, in just a few generations in the bronze, iron, and steel ages. Fascism uses Total War to defend its markest – its institutions of cultural production –  from Marxist (Now Marxist-Pomo-Anti-White) total war against them. There is no reason whatsoever to tolerate warfare against a civilization’s institutions of cultural production. Europeans are the most tolerant civilization and as such are the most vulnerable civilization. The Chinese don’t. The Hindus are ending their experiment with it. And the Europeans are ending our experiment with it. And that is why Antifa (white), BLM (black), ADL/SPLC (Jewish), Islamism (South Eurasian), and Chinese Fascist (east Asian) peoples are uniting against Europeans – because we are tolerant to a point – and that point is now past. And that tolerance will continue to decline, and intolerance will increase as the world war 2 generation pass from this earth.

6) Fascism – or total war in defense of the institutions of cultural production – is the regular status of all civilizations in history. The only difference being that fascism occurred in the industrial revolution, which freed the laboring classes from subsistence farming, and made possible their participation in the consumer economy, non-subsistence consumption, literacy, social, and political participation. Gypsies were tolerated. Jews were tolerated. Muslims could not be tolerated. But these are all parasitic peoples – not innovators, not producers, not discoverers, but consumers. In the case of Islam, they consumed and destroyed the arts, letters, technology, institutions, culture, and even the genetics of every great civilization of the ancient world – reducing them to ignorance, superstition, dysgenia, familism, tribalism, and eternal poverty.

7) And this destruction of civilization is the mission of the left. The entirety of the Left’s anti-European, anti-self determination, anti-sovereignty, anti-reciprocity, anti-market, anti-scientific, anti-civilizational, and dysgenic revolution consists of a war against Darwin’s explanation for the success of western civilization using rule of law and meritocracy, to continue natural selection, producing soft eugenics, against the underclass accumulation of genetic, behavioral, social, economic, and political load. The reason for northern far east, and northern far west achievement is as much to do with the reduction of the dead weight of the bottom classes, enabling middle-class majority manners, ethics, morals, truth-before-face, and technical knowledge as to the tendency of Europeans to compete for status by adversarial accomplishment in every available field.

8) The left, including Antifa and BLM, and the majority of the academy, leftist activists, and the media have conducted a systematic organized campaign of total war against western civilization for more than a century, by hatred western civ (‘white people’) as a proxy for hating the universe (‘god’) because western civilization is systematically evolutionary and eugenic, and they are demonstrably by their behavior UNFIT for advanced civilization – and seek to drag all civilization down to their dysgenic and dysfunctional level, in a ‘crab bucket’ strategy of survival, by preventing the continued evolution of their betters – where their betters are empirically identified by conformity to the laws of the universe, and western civilization (“whiteness”) that discovered, adapted to, and applied those laws – to mankind’s benefit.

9) “Whiteness” meaning ‘western civilization’ is merely ‘science’ meaning, the civilization least divergent from the logical, physical, behavioral(natural), and evolutionary laws of the universe. Hating whites and white civilization is a revolt against European civilization, whiteness, and whites as a proxy for hating the universe, and the universe’s god for the long history of failure of one’s ancestors. And instead of seeking to cooperate to ameliorate that difference, by nothing more than trading limiting immigration and reproduction in exchange for redistribution, the left seeks to repeat the tragedy of the Jews and Muslims and the Christian dark ages, and drag us all into destruction, decline, and dysgenia as a hatred of and rebellion against the universe and the Europeans who alone adapted to its laws.

10) There is no possible means of defeating entropy. There is no way to ‘cheat’ without stealing from others, producing devolution and dysgenia and decline. Markets continue natural selection. We live by rule of law of self-determination by a reciprocal warranty of individual sovereignty and reciprocity in display word and deed, limiting us to markets in all aspects of life, and seek to prevent violence, theft, fraud, free riding, rent-seeking, privatization of commons, socialization of losses, conspiracy corruption, and political power in violation of those markets, or we do not defeat the red queen, and we continue like Judaism and Islam to reverse evolution, reverse knowledge, reverse science and technology until the next geological event once again nearly wipes us from the face of this earth. Or, we choose to continue European tradition, regulate the reproduction of the unproductive, punish the hell out of the global financial parasites, make a heaven of this world and every other.

11) However, we cannot, under reciprocity, deny one another the right to self-determination by self-determined means. If we do then we license the defeat, conquest, and even genocide of those who refuse that reciprocal exchange. So the only solution is separation, to restore the ‘right’s standards of behavior that demonstrate one is fit for survival given the laws of the universe, and the necessity of the continuous evolution of man – or we war until one side defeats the other because that is the only choice possible.  The right prefers war by the honest threat of privation – the male strategy of warfare. The left prefers incremental undermining by seduction using false promises – the female strategy of warfare.

12) The Right is willing to separate. If the Left is also, then we may. Markets for behavior will determine the outcome and the left will produce dysgenic favelas and slums as it continues to turn the west into the middle east one city at a time. The Right will wall in the Left and prevent its spread because it is a conceptual, cultural, institutional, and genetic cancer that threatens mankind with yet another dark age – this time of pseudoscience and sophistry rather than supernatural occult and mysticism.  And that will be the last ‘scientific experiment’ that we will ever have to run with the anti-evolution, anti-civilization, anti-truth of the Left. And hopefully, man will continue our transcendence into gods and not fall to the cancer of the left.

This argument is True. It is unassailable. That’s why the Left fears it.

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