Answering Tamil Gendler’s Justification of Lefistm (Second Jewish Counter Revolution against Truth)

Just as Nozick answered Rawls, I’ll answer Gendler (And you won’t like it – especially because it’s true. )

This lecture, while explicative on its face, doesn’t, in fact, explain why philosophy failed, has been relegated to a branch of theology, is being defunded, and has been left in the dust by genetics, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, economics, and evolutionary biology and history: that reason being the revolution in thought that was created in northern Europe under the classical restoration (renaissance, empirical revolution, reformation,), mass literacy, the age of sail (in response to the Muslim blockade), allowed Europeans to escape the dead weight of landed aristocracy, parasitic church, and the Americans to escape the decadent peasantry as well, led to the sequence of agrarian, commercial, financial, industrial, and scientific revolutions. But the masses liberated from subsistence living (a) directed their class envy against ‘oppressors’ rather than the combination of nature’s fundamental laws, and their vulnerability to superstition and (b) had anthropomorphized the laws of nature in the aristocracy and church (state and faith) that had previously governed them, (c) despite that Descartes to Hilbert, Maxwell et all, Darwin, Menger, Malthus, Spencer, and Nietzsche had explained the reason for western success at ending poverty as caused by 5000 years of European culture’s and especially customary law’s, unique observance of those formal(logical), physical, natural(behavioral), and evolutionary laws – and natural eugenics (d) and thanks to the Jewish counter-revolution against the industrial and scientific revolution across the spectrum, creating a pseudoscientific superstition to replace the previous.

So, Talmal Gendler (obviously Jewish, and selling the traditional Jewish false promise of freedom from those laws ) tries to justify the Marx-to-Rawls ‘Big Lie’ that we are free of formal, physical natural, and evolutionary laws. And that the second “big lie” of oppression conflates Europeans and their discovery, adaptation to, and application of those laws, exchanges constraint of the ‘unfit’ with that this is a European (white male) design – rather than Nature’s. Europeans and less so the Chinese, almost exclusively maintained natural selection. The Jewish counter-revolution against modernity has been as successful as the first Jewish (Christian) counter-revolution against modernity. Christianity (authoritarianism) may have only contributed to the downfall of the roman empire, but it guaranteed that it would not recover, prevented the industrial revolution from occurring before 500ad, and it created a dark age that cost us 1000 years of suffering, and the Muslim destruction of every great civilization of the ancient world: North Africa, Egypt, Levant, Mesopotamia, Greco-roman, Persian, and a vast portion of the original Indian civilization. A false promise of freedom from reality. The second Jewish counter-revolution promises the same, and is in the process of repeating the same dark ages. There is no reason that Rome did not recover, even from the plague, other than the Jewish (Christian) conversion of a civilization predicated on the primacy of life, the primacy of man, the evolution of man, and the transcendence of man into gods, into authoritarian superstition, stagnation, and decay.

So far, while the French Revolution cost us empirical rule of law everywhere but the anglosphere, and cost us the holy roman empire, causing the consolidation of greater germanic peoples who have always been the heart of European civilization and in doing so created the french, catholic, authoritarian version of Jewish anti-civilization, the second Jewish counter-revolution against reason, science, and ‘truth’ has cost us Russia, and as a consequence, European Empires, that were dragging mankind kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty,, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, victimization by a nature all but hostile to man.

So the proper place of Marxist-to-Rawls “philosophy” is ‘another destructive theology’. It is not natural philosophy or moral philosophy in the European tradition. It is a theology in the Jewish Tradition of the end of scarcity, end of human nature (self-interest, amorality, reciprocity, and proportionality), and blaming host peoples (aristocracy) as a proxy for hating the universe (anthropomorphized as god). There is only one true evil on this planet and it is the Abrahamic religions in all their forms and sects, and the Abrahamic method of deceit, fraud, and cultural destruction: total war against evolution, science, reason, truth, and mankind. It is a religion, philosophy, pseudoscience, fraud, deceit, and denial, of hatred of reality.

There is no difference between the second Jewish counter-revolution and the first other than the first was supernatural, and the second is pseudoscientific.

1. Marxism(1850+): To cast Jewish condition as a universal condition. To undermine cooperation between the classes. To undermine European ascent into (recapture of) capital concentration.
2. Freudianism(90?-20’s): To undermine Darwin and Instincts
3. Boasianism(10-20’s): To undermine Darwin and integration
4. Cantor and Bohr: To undermine mathematical realism.
5. Neo-Marxism(50’s+): To undermine Darwinian Cultural Homogeneity.
(Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Erich Fromm, and Herbert Marcuse, Antonio Gramsci)
6. Feminism(60’s+): To undermine Darwin and the Family.
7. Postmodernism(70’s+): To undermine Darwin, Truth, Science, Reason.
8. HBD-Denialism(80’s+): To blatantly deny Darwin and Evolution
9. Identitarianism(90’s+): To undermine the Darwinian European Peoples

The full list is here: 1. The Jewish Pseudoscientific Counter- Revolution 1850
… The anglo enfranchisement of the jews
… (a) The Marxist and Jewish undermining of the Holy Roman Empire.
… (b) The Bolshevik overthrow of Russian civilization
… (c) The Communist Undermining of Germanic civilization
… (d) The Communist seizure of power in France.
… (e) The Communist, marxist, postmodernist, invasion and undermining of America.

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