No. Proximity Causes Justifiable Racial Conflcit

-“Segregation causes racism.”-Bret Weinstein @BretWeinstein


Proximity causes conflict. That’s the science. Why?

a) ingroup preference (kin selection)
b) the advantage of ingroup preference (cooperative discounts)
c) large differences in the genetic distribution of ability between groups (class sizes)
d) resulting divergence in manners, ethics, morals, norms
e) resulting competition between imposition of behavioral costs.
f) resulting resistance to outgroup parasitism.
g) resulting parasites justify parasitism
h) organizers of parasitism benefit from developing clientele (leftism)
i) and those who resist parasites organize in response (rightism).
j) parasitism is an objective ascertainment of the imposition of costs upon the private and common.
k) instead, segregation causes internalization of costs – forcing ingroups to pay the cost of their own domestication, organization, production, and reproduction.
l) desegregation, and forced school integration have been the greatest failures in political history.

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