Sense Making

Under P-Law, proposing or advocating the use of the state (legislation) for irreciprocity, is a crime – a third-degree treason.

Women are not rational, reciprocal, or loyal creatures. They are driven by extreme intolerance for uncertainty and as such drive civs to collapse.

-Curt, you bring up an unresolved dilemma for me: Would it not be more accurate to say “pure feminine sensemaking” is not rational, reciprocal or loyal?-WalterIII

“Sense-making”  like “True For Me” is relative (a subset) like metaphysics, and “Rationality”, like “True“(testifiable), is absolute (a complete set) like Physics. This is a problem with ambiguity of the term ‘rational’ dependent on context. Their behavior is rational – for women(subset). It is not rational for a polity(set).

We face a similar problem with philosophy: Personal, Social (interpersonal), Political(scale), or scientific (complete) philosophy?

This is why I work on disambiguation so that we know what ‘general rule’ we are talking about. Unfortunately “rationality(capacity), rational(subset), rational(set), rationalism(method) and Logic and Logical” are conflated – just as ‘truth’ is.

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