Regarding China: The Future of Communsim, Globalism, and Islam vs NATIONALISM

In a post-agrarian world, all nations are compatible, and all empires, and all civilizations, are incompatible. An explicitly nationalist China, Russia, Hungary, India are naturally resistant to two hostile movements: the spread of Islam that has destroyed every great civilization of the ancient world, and the spread of the spectrum of Jewish Cosmopolitanism that has destroyed much of the modern world, and now spreads more softly using Jewish-European liberalism and neo-conservatism, despite managed decline. That is what the world is reacting to in the postwar era. Only Islam and Judaism are globalists. Everyone else is nationalist. I expect this framing to emerge over the next 20 years. It is the natural result of optimum adaptability in the technological age. It is the only means of maintaining peace and prosperity in this age.

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