The Final Word On Trump, The 6th, The Lie of Coup, and The Left’s Program of Deceit

Regarding the propaganda play making use of the 6th.

  1. Look. In all Seriousness. I’m an activist. Of minor influence. There are plenty of us. Although I’m sort of ‘canceled’ by the hard right, the way most of the rest of the right has been ‘canceled by the hard left’.
  2. If Trump had wanted a coup, he could have just asked for one. Millions of us were prepared for it. Millions of us were waiting for it. He knew we would have delivered it. He even knew the ‘code phrase’ we were waiting for. I know this because I’m one of the people who kept promoting that code phrase.
  3. He didn’t. He wanted to govern. He wanted a legacy. A legacy of reforming America for the new world in which we are ‘weak’ and can no longer project military, economics, or cultural power. And where our people must be defended more than democratic socialist ideology promoted as a religion of globalism. He wanted the legacy of proving the left was wrong and he was right. And he felt (justly) that that the election was stolen (which about half of conservatives still agree with) by the Cathedral Complex (Left, Global Finance, Academy, Media, Entertainment, Advertising, the democratic party leadership and members) had achieved by destroying his most important achievement – the economy, and with it strategic reorganization – with a covid over-reaction and claiming he was responsible for it, and then saturating the airwaves with hate for him.
  4. What he expected was that the 6th people would protest sufficiently that he could say ‘see the people believe it was stolen’. And that he could run with it. And work on the supreme court. Or maybe a re-election. And that it would legitimize his claim that the election was stolen. But the clowns on the right – most of these ‘leaders’ are clowns, without a strategic bone in their bodies. Storming the capital and NOT making a speech was their catastrophic error (I had written the speech BTW, but didn’t attend once I understood who was ‘in charge’ and that it would be a catastrophe). It doesn’t matter that the left has stormed and burned the capital, bombed the capitol, and worse (I remember the leftist bombings were a weekly feature of the 60’s/70s.)
  5. So no the capitol even was a frat party by the right that got overexcited and the puppies didn’t know what to do once they got inside. It was clown world.
  6. I know perfectly well how a coup could have been carried out, and it wasn’t in Rrump’s interest, or his objective. Nor was it strategically necessary. What was necessary was to create a public dialog over the left’s war on western civilization and why. I know perfectly well how to create a revolution – i’ve been in one – which is why the FBI spends so much time with me making sure I don’t.
  7. Instead, I work on legal reforms to stop that war. I follow the founders. In creating a Suit against the State: Declaration (Service), and Constitution (Settlement). And in our system of government, what I do is legal, just, and moral. Just like what trump did was moral and legal.
  8. The left thas to lie because their entire edifice is predicated on the false promise that people were oppressed rather than incrementally domesticated (genetically pacified) in order to increase the quality of life by the increase in scope of markets, by the increase in the suppression of irreciprocity, by the increase in the scope of law and policing. The painful truth is that there are four to six living generations of humans, of different levels of domestication, leading to different rates of development, leading to differences in normative behavior, leading to conflicts between groups. This is fine within group but it’s not across groups in proximity. Because Domestication syndrome produces people more fit for markets, and failure of domestication syndrome produces people less fit for markets. We call these differences in fitness ‘class differences’. But the primary difference between the races is the size of their underclasses that have not experienced domestication syndrome because the climate wasn’t harsh enough (cold). So in an advanced, technological society, the problem is the shrinking of the unfit for markets at the same rates as shrinking our ignorance of the natural world through innovation adaptation and exploitation of that world.
  9. So what are the Left’s Lies? a) the false promise of the end of scarcity, b) the false promise of the nature of man (amoral superpredator), c) the false promise of the malleability of man (we can train some discipline and mindfulness but we can’t improve IQ and conscientiousness which are results of domestication syndrome: decrease in rates of development that increase cognitive development in exchange for a decrease in aggression – producing a virtuous cycle. Roughly speaking IQ is the universal measure of group success at self-domestication. d) and the constant problem of accumulating genetic load, regression the mean, and the problem of defeating the red queen in a narrow window of climatological, geological, stellar, and galatic opportunity.
  10. The left blames Europeans for oppression when European success was the result of placing progress over harmony, in exchange for a religion of tragedy (greco-roman-germanic and Christian), where we discovered adapted to and applied the laws of the universe to drag mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, child mortality and early death. So the left blames Europeans as a proxy for blaming the universe (or theologically ‘hating god’).
  11. The movement of the frankfurt school to the USA in the postwar era was done with intent: having failed to use marxism and Leninism to turn the laboring classes against the middle classes – a class that with their rule of law of commerce (property) would suppress 2000 years of ‘huckstering’ (preying on the underclasses), they sought a new form of huckstering at industrial scale: marxism and Leninism.
  12. But capitalism had proven them wrong and provided benefit to the lower middle, working and laboring classes. So they had to move somewhere that capitalism couldn’t solve. They moved to America to weaponize the African population as they had tried to weaponize the laboring populations. They knew full well that the problem is genetic, and that capitalism couldn’t solve it. We know because they wrote it down, publicized it, and then did it. They stated that they would use the black population, western female sensitivity, democracy, to “…destroy the institutions of cultural production…” that if it continued to evolve, would prevent their continued parasitic existence by huckstering.
  13. For this ‘huckstering’ (lie) to succeed they had to demonize the eugenics movement. That required creating the sequence of anthropological, psychological, social, political, and economic pseudosciences. And they used nepotism and the university system, and the new need for education, given the post-war opportunity for upward class expansion due to the collapse of the world means of production during the wars and devoted every ounce of effort to promote this set of lies.
  14. And that’s where we are today. Although I might mention that this is a repetition of how the Christians destroyed the “institutions of cultural production” in the Roman world.


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