The Neurology of Female and Jewish Magical Thinking and Undermining

I’m working on trying to develop a vocabulary for describing how women need to tell themselves stories(lies) to manage their emotions by self-suggestion, (sedation) so that they DON’T have to consciously ADAPT their intuitions by rational discipline.

If I work at it, for just a moment, I can simulate the mind of a woman, and the chaos is overwhelming. But we look at this incorrectly – the female mind evolved for a very different high cognitive load, and bad female behavior is a result of ABSENCE of that cognitive load.

This is why women with a lot of children tend to converge with male political sensibility, and women without them tend to remain overly self conscious – which is where the bad female behavior comes from.

The male mind is far easier to explain because we evolved greater hemispheric, episodic, context, and task specialization than females precisely because we dont need to continuously monitor children (chaos), and territorial (system) awareness is more orderly.

Men think in tribes and genetic distance. Brothers hunt other groups of brothers to take their territory and women.

#2: Male mind developed organized, hierarchical thinking to build, sustain/defend family/community. Like the animal mind, watching out for, perceiving threats, defending against them. It’s the mind that divides and separates VERY quickly–that’s analysis par excellence.

#3: Meanwhile, the female mind works on a much smaller scale–the home, children, husband. It requires divided attention, constantly juggling various small tasks (children, cooking, cleaning, husband comes home, attend to him, etc.). It’s very small scale systemic thinking.

#4: Male mind requires organizing rules for systemic, large-scale cost/benefit and risk assessment. Female mind requires care and compassion for the provider (husband) and children.

Well, I think under the large-small, now-then, experiences-abstractions model it’s just a division of scale systems in time. And I like that framing better because it’s less oppositional and distributes responsibility equally.

That’s a better framing – small scale systems vs large scale systems – thank you., Small and now, large and then. I can use that. thank you.

#6: Male testosterone is evolutionarily necessary; female estrogen and oxytocin are evolutionarily necessary. Each have what they need for their respective adaptive roles.

Yeah. Again. I like this framing small and large systems is a simple wiring problem for the brain. Just add a little more estrogen and grow a female brain in utero, and add a lot more testosterone and grow a male brain in utero. More complex obviously but narratively true.

#7: Again: women are not evolutionarily fit/adapted for military, politics or high level executive roles. It should be quite evident to anyone who understands the science of male/female cognition, emotions, behaviors, and the evolutionary biology of the genders.

Yes well, the problem is it takes a mature woman with a passel of kids to face the reality of sex differences in cognition. Beta males (who are really ‘average’ in the personality literature) are just as bad.

#8: Female cognition or biology aren’t adapted to large-scale, large systemic, cost-benefit, risk mitigation analysis. These cog-emot-behavioral skills are necessary for military, politics, and high/mid-level executive business roles, IOW–male mind analytical/physical endurance.

Well, the primary difference is empathizing-systematizing but your argument is correct it’s just time and scale differences, which make the discussion easier. So just as women can narrate but not abstract, and men can abstract but not narrate, it’s all consistent.

In both cases(male or female) we are trying to generate pro-familial, pro-social, pro-political behavior through mindfulness(intuitionistic discipline) by a gradual increase in the relevant cognitive load by continuous feedback, so that self-interest (infantilization) is prevented.

I want to reiterate that the brain is a pretty simple thing really – there is a lot of it – but once you leave behind the model of manufacturing and signaling, and instead of growing wiring as we develop in utero in response to hormonal baiting neural connectivity then it’s simple.

So in simple narrative terms, just as the industrial revolution came fast and early once Europeanism was restored, we liberated the jews the women then Muslims in a brief period of European male mastery of the world, and female euphoria, without evolving our institutions first.

With this understanding, we can explain the Jewish problem and the Muslim problem which are both Afro-Asiatic (Semitic) problems, which in turn are female cognitive problems, and demonstrate that these behaviors are genetic in origin and simply need institutional domestication.

Likewise, we must limit the Jewish (Semitic) use of the female and Abrahamic method of storytelling, social construction, infantilization, seduction by baiting into a hazard, authority demand – all of which are MALADAPTIVE and destructive of civilizations b/c they’re unaccountable

So then our problem is domesticating the female mind as much as we have the male mind so that her hyperconsumption, infantilization of self, others, and society is limited, and she can fully mature in the absence of the cognitive load of children – or remove from women politics.

I’d also like to understand why it’s rather obvious that the Semitic peoples are cognitively female and practice different methods of warfare, low trust, tribalism, mandatory ignorance, denial of reality, maladaptation, and how the African > afro-Asiatic (Semitic) > Iranic differ.

I’ve been developing a narrative explanation of how the Jewish method of teaching by the social construction of falsehoods by storytelling, pilpul, critique, and undermining is successful, and why it would be intuitionistic and produce ignorance, infantilization, and female control.

So the problem we’re trying to overcome is that SUGGESTION is more useful in training intuition than reason because the exercise of reason limits intuition. This is why women and jews tell stories by suggestion – to create a context for adaptation that is free of responsibility.

The human brain (mind) evolved to ADAPT constantly at the cost of needing training that was provided by life in bands and tribes with continuous reinforcement, and a division of cognitive load between the prey-and-children -in-the-moment and predator-and-tribe-across-time.

This explains why new secular ‘religion’ like stoicism is needed = a system of intuitionistic education where we invest as heavily as rational education so that in the absence of emotional-intuitionistic load women (and men) lose the demand infantilization: MALADAPTION.

So to put in a global context, the Jewish thought leadership of the Marxist-pomo-woke-antiwhite movement, that’s using the female mind, lacking responsibility for the commons like women without enough children, are demonstrating MALADAPTION and spreading MALADAPTION via Abrahamism.

Well, the primary difference is empathizing-systematizing but your argument is correct it’s just time and scale differences, which make the discussion easier. So just as women can narrate but not abstract, and men can abstract but not narrate, it’s all consistent.

So we humans evolved not only self-domestication but self-adaptation as social units – which is what drove demand for our increasing neoteny: trading of agency and sociability and reciprocity for aggression, strength, and intuitionistic velocity.

Curt, IMO, there is only so much training in reason that can be done for females. Yes, I believe they can be trained to think more rationally, but I am not certain the female mind can actually become identical to the male mind.–TruthQuest

My point wasn’t to train females rationally but to train them intuitionistically. CBT works regardless of sex. Male and Female CBT differences are obvious. The most important is just putting the effort into self-authoring rather than ‘re-wilding’ which is what’s going on.

I mean, that’s what’s going on right? The Jewish and female infantilization is causing re-wilding: devolution by the destruction of institutions of cultural production. Or better said: training.

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