Let’s research and develop artificial wombs and we can achieve equality – on men’s terms. 😉

This video angered me – again – because of this nonsense attempt to justify why women should get even MORE privileges at men’s expense. Look, do scientific research into artificial wombs, and men will have whole tribes of kids because they don’t have to compromise with the rather infantilizing instincts of women that have resulted in the current generation of cowardly lazy weak and woke. Women are absurdly privileged and why should men lower their standards of competition just to privilege women with unearned access to opportunity? At the margins men are almost always superior than women in every single field. In business, women might work hard but they’re not loyal – especially under duress. Men have shorter lives and shorter working lives because we accumulate cellular damage on behalf of women and children. We do all the ‘hard’ and ‘dangerous’ work and women dominate the ‘easy’ work professions. If you want equality develop artificial wombs. Supermodels will sell their eggs and genetics will be solved

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