The Science Problem

THE SCIENCE ‘PROBLEM’ Science just means due diligence in the production of warrantable, liable, testimony to observables. The question is, how much science meets those criteria of testimony, and how much of it would be subject to something either untestifiable or worse, perjury?


The correct response to any scientific (materialst) explanation of the laws of the universe, and our absolute irrelevance in it, is that while experience may emerge from the material, the informational content of experience is greater than exists prior to given experience.


The universe is computational. Man is predictive, rational (competitive), and calculative(deductive). God Computes by trial and error. We calculate by trial and error. Why? There is no memory in the universe other than the current state, and no means of prediction. We do and can.


The middle class is the stable equilibrium that makes evolution possible, probable, and continuous, between the opposing parasitic poles of extraction at the top and dependence at the bottom. The problem? Stable equilibria are necessary for all evolutionary systems but rare.

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