Curt: “Is Duggin Right About Religous Awakenings?” (no?)


There are no religious ‘awakenings’ only ‘reformations’ Communism is a reformation of Judaism, pomo-pc-woke-feminism is a reformation of Christianity. Islamism is a reformation of Islam using communist strategy and tactics. Buddhism is a reformation of Hinduism, and only the Japanese maintained the only ‘true’ and natural religion (ancestor worship).

Duggin is hard to judge because he is vastly more sophisticated in his use of theology, philosophy, and science as means of rhetorical ideation than the rest of European thinkers (which is to be expected given Russian literary superiority) – but I doubt he’s right on Christianity. Religiosity declines faster and faster with every decade. So instead what’s occurring is we’re all seeking demand for another religious reformation. And we’re looking to the past for ideas and examples when it’s not surviving because we’re no longer ignorant agrarian peasants.

The entirety of Christianity failed to reform in response to Empiricism and Darwin. We’ve had no Augustine (400s) or Aquinas (1200s) in the 1800’s and so the church was replaced by the academy, and the academy converted to marxism-neo-marxism-feminism-pomo-woke.

In retrospect, we can see that the Catholics almost got it right, but that the church as a FORMAL institution was unable to reform because of its economic and careerist incentives, just as our current government and academy cannot reform because of their careerist incentives.

The Orthodox remained a nationalist church, and outside of Byzantium, didn’t try to compete with greco-roman reason, did not compete with the state, and rule over the state, but assisted the state, and so avoided the Augustinian, Aquinian, and Natural Law Reforms. So it didn’t experience the protestant reformation, the Germanic Romantic movement that almost restored classicalism, nor postwar secular humanism. And so the Orthodox church is the only one to ‘survive’ into modernity.

Unfortunately, the Germans were defeated by Napoleon, and the end of the monarchy was the end of European civilization because the monarchies (as opposed to the church) created a market for status by adversarial (competitive) excellence in the material world of military and economic technology and arts. Once we lose the monarchies we lose Europa – and are reduced to feminine caretaking, not competitive excellence, as the final deciding factor in social economic and political organization. In other words: stagnation and decline.

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