The Restoration of Marriage as A Business Venture

(The end of the luxury good of romantic marriage.)

1. The historical reason for pairing off. (Hunter-Gatherer)

2. The historical reason for Marriage (agrarianism and property)

3. The Invention of Romanic Love (The Plague). Romantic Love as we understand it was INVENTED and not that long ago. Marriage is a business proposition. If it isn’t it’s pointless to produce a corporation (which is what marriage consists of) instead of simply engaging in a market exchange until the opportunity’s exhausted.

4. The invention of Chivalry ( trade restoration, viking age, pre-state formation, )

5. The Invention of Female-On-A-Pedestal (Industrial Revolution)

6. Evolution of marriage relations and the value of the sexes and an Illustration of why the separation of church, law, and state are so important

7.  The pre and postware capture of the church by the Jewish invasion of the academy, converting it from Christian cooperation to Jewish conflict and undermining

8. So we are stuck with the future where debt, economy, geostrategy, political systems, … and without a reformation that cannot be produced by an authority like the church, but must include the science, law, economics, AND moral narrative that makes us survive.

Marriage is the first corporation, developed under agrarianism, which began the possibility of the accumulation of capital or what we call complex ‘property’, and the resulting far more complex common property that was then possible – the institutions of cultural production of cooperation destpie sex, class, age, family, clan, tribe and national differences.

And that’s what relationships consist of: opportunities for reciprocal exchange, by the only condition in life where you can exchange putting another’s interests ahead of yours, because they are polar opposites.
Exhaust opportunity, resource, or charge.

It’s just physics. Sorry.

This is a little closer to the voice I’m developing now that we’ve ended the century of romantic love. I think that’s the direction I want to work on, because that’s where I sense we are headed. The romantic dream American dream enlightenment dream all end together. Yep.


We have a lot of relationship mythology to unlearn – and most of it was developed during the victorian era, but not practiced until later, just like the chivalric nonsense wasn’t practiced until far later. These are class mythos sold to uplifted lower classes.

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