Fundamentalism Is Limited to First-Order Claims

No I’m not anti-christian so to speak, I’m anti-Abrahmism.
— “Some atheists claim that religion is a comfort to simple minds too weak to tolerate a world without God, but perhaps I wonder if it is the other way around. Perhaps atheism is a comfort to those minds too fearful of what the existence of God would entail.” —
Well, we have the science. Religiosity is determined by the demand for empathy over systematizing. And the reasons for this are simple neural economy of in utero developmental differences. Smarter people tend to be system thinkers, so the same emotional need is filled differently.
— “I could tell you that eyes are just the result of sense organs evolving over time. That wouldn’t then suggest that they don’t actually see anything.” —
Technically speaking eyes don’t ‘see’ they just sense information. ‘Seeing’ requires the organization of that information into edges, textures, fragments, objects, spaces, and boundaries into a model to predict where muscles can move our bodies – that happens in the brain.
— “Way to miss the point. You can describe the activity any way you like.” —
Not missing the point, but making one over your head, that others will recognize: the three categories of fictionalism (deceit by pseudoscience(magic) pseudo reason(sophistry) and supernaturalism(occult)) make use of that method of argument-substitute, and Abrahamism teaches it.
I told you it was over your head. ? All deceit is constructed from the same set of techniques that use ambiguity(vs identity), grammatical tolerance, incomplete sentences(vs testable transactions) to suggest relations by analogy that they cannot testify to (and do not exist).
So for example the liars paradox isn’t. It’s a lie created by design using an incomplete statement that violates the grammatical law of continuous recursive disambiguation. Idiomatic speech relies heavily on suggestion vs description. Languages differ in precision. Cultures do too.
And because cultures do too, cultures are more vulnerable to an index between aggregate (normative) intelligence, institutional evoluton, the precision of language. So English > German > Russian > Hindu > Semitic > Sinic differences in context vs precision.
It’s actually a tragedy, in that (a) the church failed to produce an Augustine or Aquinas in response to Darwin, Maxwell et all, given that the scholastics had nearly united laws of nature natural law and catholic mythology (b) the Marxist, neo-Marxists, pomo, woke cult WON.
And worse, that you idiots can’t comprehend that trend, and are ignorant of the coherence of the laws of nature, natural law, economics, and evolution = and worse aren’t taught grammar, logic, rhetoric, and grammatical suppression of the cognitive biases.
And worse, you are ignorant of the fact that while Jesus increasingly appears to be a fictional character in the Semitic mythicist tradition consisting of combined wisdom literature from Egyptian and Persian traditions, that “Jesus” solved the problem of cooperation at scale.
If one ‘sciences’ Christian ethics (not dogma) it is the ‘scientific’ solution to the prisoner’s dilemma of trust development in a heterogeneous polity – and requires training since it is contrary to all human instincts.
The consequences? (a) reduce familism and tribalism, (b) prepare people for middle-class ethics (trade), (c) provide a means for the lower classes to find status in Indo-European civilization which treats the lower classes as domesticated animals – integrating them into society.
So I don’t mind that you’re an ignorant peasant that obsesses about nonsense if the consequence is that you behave as the ‘programmers’ intended you to behave. I only mind when you use Abrahamic deceit to pretend intellectual status instead of the social moral status it produces.
As such Abrahamic theology is just wisdom literature that tells you how to behave. This is a first-order wisdom. It does not tolerate second-order deduction, induction, or abduction. It is not a system of reason or science, it is a system of analogy. To say otherwise is lying.
I like to share knowledge and understanding with those capable of using it. You are just a tool that provides a frame for the distribution of that knowledge. You don’t matter other than that you’re a foil. This is why you have no meaning in life and your religion is dying.

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