The church is the most corrupt institution in human history

—“The original version of Christianity …. “—

No, it allowed the military aristocracies to acquire the church, domesticate and rule the peasants, and keep them ignorant and subdued, instead of building commerce, literacy, education, philosophy, science, technology.

The church is the most corrupt institution in human history which is the reason for so many attempted reforms. You can’t make excuses for the church. And we can’t make excuses for the persistence of semitic supernatural frauds.

What we can do is understand that we domesticated christianity, and that if it had been added to the pantheon as the means by which the immigratns, slaves, women, and underclassses could achieve status among peers despite lack of ability, competency, and resources, then it would have ‘plugged the hole’ in european civilization which had previously treated the ‘unfit’ as domesticated animals.

Gods laws if there is a god, are written in the laws readily visible in the fabric of the universe for all to see, and they are tragic – as the indo europeans discovered, and the greeks learned to accept through the ritual (church) of the Tragedy.

God spoke one word “Evolve” and it is a brutal word from which only christian love of one another and insulate us, and aryan reason and science rescue us.

All else is lying.

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