There Is only One Way to Save Our Civilization

– “The complaint isn’t that your posts are word salad. The complaint is that you never make a point. A guy like you needs to follow a template, like 1. Briefly state conclusion 2. State context/motivation/problem. 3. Reason. 4. Re-state conclusion.” –

Yes it is. Every day. That said…

I make the point, I make the point over many posts, not just one. Because people don’t read long posts. (that’s the evidence.) if you can’t follow across the posts then that’s a filter. And you aren’t the audience.

There is only one way to save our civilization it’s by showing up in mass.
Showing up in mass requires a set of actionable asks that are hard to resist or morally reject by all. The young men (like yourself) are alienated from the upper classes with the skill to do that – you don’t have it. You are also biased to self overconfidence. That overconfidence manifests in simple-stupid-solutions that are impossible, and in leadership that fragments into personality cults – precisely because you lack the competency to do anything else. And this allows the left to pick you off one at a time, and prevent any and all leadership from emerging. And so the left is eating your lunch and drinking your milkshake.

As such we are limited in the number of ways we can organize ‘the dumb fucks, the slow kids’ into a political movement. Since we can’t organize these numbskulls into a political movement, we have only the hope of mobilizing them into a rebellion-movement, where we all show up and issue a set of possible demands ‘or else’. Even then, the chances that shit-for-brains, impulsive, ignorant, macho, virtue-signallers will screw it up is almost a certainty. So we have to make everyone dependent upon everyone else, by taking the same risk and ostracizing those from the future who don’t show and take the risk.

I’ve produced (a) the moral license (b) the set of demands (c) an actionable and implementable solution that will fix the problem (d) a strategy for a rapid victory, (e) and a devastatingly believable threat of consequences if negotiations on a settlement fail.(this constitution is a settlement that serves everyone left, center, and right) by restoring the constitution to its original designs as a federation of independent states.

And this particular strategy is directly licensed by the declaration and constitution.

Every other plan is a slow burn to failure. I’ve seen nothing that can survive other than retreat to a region, or retreat into a separate economy, or retreat into religion – meaning we only delay the inevitable.

The state will defend itself by happily burning the enemy (finance, academy, education, media, entertainment). The state cannot resist a moral claim without losing very rapidly its geostrategic position. So this plan uses the state’s self-interest against itself.

Law, constitution, legislation, regulation, policy, and procedure are the operating system for government, and money is the resource it uses as influence.

Do you need to understand the science behind the law that makes all that operation of a complex political organization possible? No you don’t. But I and those like me do. We are the judges that will administer that law. WE have to understand it.

What do you need to understand? You need to understand that this law is a science and that the judges defend against internal political enemies the way ‘every man a sheriff does against internal physical and social enemies, and as the military defends against external enemies.

To do that you need to understand the paragraph that describes the European group strategy, the law of reciprocity and testimony, the list of demonstrated interests we call capital, the list of crimes that can be committed, and the rights, obligations, and inalienations under the law that demand we suppress those crimes in ourselves and others.

Can you do that? Yes you can. It’s possible to write a set of posters you can stick on your wall. It will largely mirror your moral intuitions., Just like magical thinking, selfishness, lying, cheating, and stealing will largely mirror leftist intuitions.

The problem I have is (a) getting you idiots to pay attention long enough to understand that (b) show up to make it happen (c) stay in the field long enough to bring it into fruition (d) not go all fundamentalist, or nazi and screw it up by making the people more afraid of your having any semblance of influence, than they are of a constitutional reformation.

So I’ve done my job. It took seventy of the greatest men of the enlightenment to do it the last time. I’m stuck here doing it almost alone with a few others helping me. And you clowns are a train wreck of fail.

So grow up, man up, and learn how to win. But don’t chastise me because I can’t make grownup thinking into a chocolate milkshake of sophistry and ideology for nitwits.

Nitwits just need to show up and shut up, and if necessary ‘supply’ yourselves by the traditional method militia armies always do.

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