Dumb F—ks in The White Movement


— “grug, math.” —

Math isn’t hard. Knowing what’s wrong with math (mathiness) is a bit hard. Knowing the difference between math, computation, operations, and cooperative transactions is hard. Knowing how to disambiguate all methods of computation (Grammars) isn’t hard. Knowing how to produce decidability across math, computation, operations, transactions, is fairly hard. Knowing how to construct formal law from that hierarchy is fairly hard. In other words, a single specialization tends to reiforce general ignorance, while comparative disciplines, in particular, comparison across all disciplines is quite hard becuase one must master every discipline. So, If you can’t comprehend it you can’t. Others can. Others do. And in particular some mathematicians do, and that is why we are reforming mathematics to merge it with computation and operation and reversing counter-revolution against mathematics that began with Cantor and the attempt to unify mathematics and logic by set theory instead of (obviously in retrospect) unifying mathematics, computation, algorithm, operations, and set (verbal logic), with operations devovling into math on one end, and into set (verbal) on the other, by the removal of dimensions of subjectively testable reality.

The reality is that you’re a chimp by comparison. You can’t even imagine that P-Law is as great a leap as empiricism was over theology, or science over empiricism, and is as meaningful as was darwin to biology.

That’s ok. I wouldn’t expect you to. However, I do understand that others do and do demonstrate that knowledge.

“You are but a measure of your own ignorance.”

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