Understand Incentives: Conservative Paranoia In Public Speech, Because of The FBI and Police State

Our People overthink these things. The FBI is looking for people who are showing signs of mental instability and signaling individual or group potential for violence. They’ve asked me to be careful what I say, precisely because of the number of mentally unstable young men out there in the current generations, who are easily influenced.

They are biased against the right because we are constraining state power, in an era where (beginning with Clinton and Obama) the state became aware that the probability of civil war because of heterogeneity would rapidly increase, especially after the 1992 tipping point (which most of you won’t remember was ‘a thing’.)

The right is an existential threat to the state actors, as well as the financial sector, and the globalist financial sector, and the globalist movement that is just a reformation of communist authoritarianism, which was just a secular pseudoscientific reformation of the authoritarian monotheistic supernatural religions. So don’t posture with macho and bravado about violence or crime, but frame all your actions as political, not violent or criminal.

If you review the leaked information on federal communications monitoring, almost all of it is an attempt to discover Islamic terrorists transferring money, organizing, or planning some actions. I don’t have knowledge of post-jan6th changes, and the information they’re extracting from FB/Google etc hasn’t leaked enough that we know what’s happening there versus through the telcos (I have knowledge of those technologies and techniques).

The inequality of protection under the law between left and right was pretty obvious in the licensing of Globalist-Soros-Antifa-BLM terrorism, and the prosecution of the right’s opposition to their terrorism. The treatment of jan6th as some conspiracy theory rather than a protest that as one percent of the severity of any of the left protests during the sixties is demonstrated evidence of the government’s intention to eradicate the right, rule of law, the constitution, Christianity, the American experiment in a majority middle class meritocracy, and the whole of anglo, germanic, and broader European civilization.

We have a political case. But we also have both separatist, secessionist, and repetitions of the founder’s common-law suit against the state that created the USA as options., Its only once those are exhausted we must resort to force. Because it is only once we have exhausted those options that we hold the moral high ground. Why? Because we are fighting over the right to self-determination. And the only reciprocity (morality) possible is the reciprocal exchange of that right to self-determination by self-determined means.

And that requires we produce separate territories, polities, and governments.

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