We live within the limits of preservation of cooperation.

THEFT: All false pretenses of equality, end of scarcity, human nature and malleability, accumulated genetic load and natural selection, are attempts to evade VOLUNTARY EXCHANGE and to evade limiting insurance to charity in exchange for conformity: doing no harm to commons.

The European (Germanic > English > British > American) reason for equality (equity) under the law (natural, common, empirical law, of dispute resolution, under individual sovereignty), is to drive us into peaceful voluntary cooperation DESPITE INESCAPABLE INEQUALITY.

Women destroy all attempts at capitalization in order to hyperconsume.
All behavior is reducible to expressions of discovery, acquisition, retention, consumption, or trade of calories.

That’s the underlying algorithm. Cooperation merely helps us obtain retain consume calories.

So we live within the limits of preservation of cooperation.

I’m on the verge of addressing the female need for hyperconsumption, attention, validation, and hypergamy, seduction, and irresponsibility as necessary for suppression as is male dominance expression. Again, we must simply restore equal suppression of anti-social behavior.

I should also talk about the difference between the complaining by the manosphere, the flawless EXPLANATION provided by James Lindsay, and my scientific explanation. As I’ve said, we must provide religious, literary, legal, and scientific frames of understanding to win, because the enemy has attacked all our institutions of cultural production.

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