What Have Men Learned From Women Over The Past Decades? (To Be Selfish Like Them)

Exactly: What have we learned?

– We’ve learned that Women have more choices – particularly single motherhood. But men also now have more choices – particularly wealth accumulating bachelorhood, and a much fuller life without turning all their income over to women.

– We’ve learned that Marriage has no value. Common property has no economic or political value, Child support is unnecessary. Alimony is unnecessary. So marriage is done. There is no value to marriage. Marriage is harmful.

– We’ve learned that things have indeed changed. We are learning women’s true nature when unregulated by father, brother, and social pressure: that women’s nature is far worse than the “Patriarchy” ever believed or imagined. .. Why? Genetics and Biology: Women mature for the purpose of expanding their nervous system to manage a brood of children. The female nervous system evolves to maximize adaptive plasticity in order to adapt to the male political order, the female dominance hierarchy, and the needs of her children at the expense of her own. This set of evolutionary demands requires selfish empathy, hyper-attention-seeking, hyper-novelty-seeking, hyperconsumption-seeking, hypergamy-seeking, using affection and sex-for favors, limited agency, high impulsivity, limited self-regulation, neuroticism, and magical thinking to tolerate it. Women are purely selfish beings, and without at least three children, and especially if they are adapting to other women without children, will express hyperconsumption. About a third of women are mentally ill even with environmental regulation.

– We’ve learned that women just adapt to whatever social or sexual context that is in their interest, and it LOOKS LIKE LOVE. It’s not. It’s just seduction.

– We are learning that women never love a man as men love a woman with LOYALTY, they are only emotionally DEVOTED to a man who they consider a disposable asset. It’s not love. It’s just seduction.

– We are learning that men are very simple to make happy and fulfilled, and women are hyper-consumptive and are now too costly for men.

– We are unlearning the 14th-century invention of romantic love.

– We are ‘unlearning’ the victorian ‘fictionalization’ of women on a pedestal – when during most of history, women were considered the root of all evil, and Pandora the archetype.

– We are unlearning the war-era emphasis on joining the middle class, home-ownership, and a family. We are learning that the feminist destruction of male social and male military participation, institutions was harmful for men.

– We are learning (The MGTOW movement) that we must restore the prioritization of male friends and family, treat women as sunk-costs, to restore male organizations and male cooperation and association as the means of achieving the greatest fulfillment in life.

– We are learning that women are objects to be used and discarded like women use men and discard them, but to limit any extraction from you by women. – We are learning that once you write off women, then all that matters to men is other men, just like all that matters to women is really just other women.

We are learning:

– Women are teaching men to be selfish. …. just like them. Just. Like. Them.

– And the long-term consequences are not what you’d think. In other words – What changed was that we ended the brief period of the industrial revolution where the middle and upper classes promoted norms in order to bait men into treating women as if they were members of the middle class, and the middle class imitating the upper class. What’s happening is that we’re returning to historical norm. Where, without class and paternal regulation, men and women are reverting to type – to the serial relationships that dominated most of human history.

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