Sex Separation in Education

It’s absolutely positively better for us to separate girls and boys in education. I went from a mixed public to separate private and EVERYTHING was better in school, including treating the girls more ‘intentionally’. Our schools are now more suitable for girls other than mixed-sex, and totally unsuitable for boys in every dimension regardless of mixed-sex. The vast majority of boys would do far better in some equivalent of military school that framed all education in terms of adversarial competition games, and operating as hierarchical teams – otherwise, as we see today, they will not care about the commons. When the ‘secret’ to western civilization is the maximization of dominance expression in males, by the construction of universal markets in all aspects of life, and the direction of that dominance expression to the production of commons by obtaining status from heroism in each of those markets. …

The fact that this is simply maximizing evolutionary adaptation for the group seems lost of developmental, psychological, social and political scientists. Though it’s not lost on us with training in behavioral economics and physics. …

The lesson to take from the sciences is that sex differences maximize the scope of evolutionary adaptation, by the female empathic and experiential in-time, and the male systematizing and political across-time. In other words, the sexes naturally function as a division of perception, cognition, and advocacy in time.

So it is NOT EQUALITY we evolved for, nor can evolve for, but continuing maximization of evolutionary computation while seeking reciprocity(trade) and proportionality (not equality), to calculate the optimum conditions at any given point in our evolutionary development.

There is no escaping this. There is a reason why all the agrarian civilizations other than Europeans stagnated by 800ad. There is a reason Christianity created a dark age that only preservation of native European common traditional law, and the restoration Greco-Roman thought dragged us out of it. We are the only civilization that solved the hard problem of evolutionary computation without falling into stagnation.

Why? Because training all of us, not for submissive equality but for the maximization of evolutionary velocity using sovereignty (self-determination) under reciprocity within the limits of proportionality, forcing markets in all aspects of life (as computing evolutionary possibility), and directing male and female dominance expression to the production of commons through heroism and status regardless of disruption of the competency, status, and dominance, hierarchy, producing the unique among-humans commons of truth-before-face, which together produced the only high trust societies possible, and together we dragged mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, tyranny and the vicissitudes of a nature all but hostile to our advanced and costly life forms.

Equality is not something to search for. Instead, maximization of reciprocity within the limits of proportionality by maximizing our evolutionary adaptation by continuous BENEFICIAL competition, while limiting the rate of reproduction of those unfit for that competition. That’s the only possible ‘scientific’ solution to the problems of modernity – a problem that all agrarian civilizations failed to achieve other than europeans. It’s just physics for life forms that have enough memory that they can develop consciousness. But it’s still physics. Truth hurts.

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