What Would We Expect the Decidability of The ‘female Algorithm’ to Produce?

Women, hypersensitivity, hyper-adaptivity, and the problem of self-regulation. If self is the only test that returns decidability, then W/O children, other women with children, and social responsibility what would we expect the decidability of the ‘female algorithm’ to produce?

This is one of those things I’m not so happy to learn. It means so much. Add hypergamy. Add envy and jealousy. Add magical thinking. And what’s evolutionarily advantageous means women need MORE behavioral regulation than men do. That’s not good….

— “Women outsource mental regulation with or without consent. Religion fills the gap in places where man cannot (absence or weakness). The only ‘fix’ is to teach women how men externally regulate them and implore them to do it themselves, but we lack the mindfulness. … Honestly, I only see one fix for this: a ‘Religion of Man’… That is, encouraging women to see the Truthful, Moral Man as their God (which we do unconsciously anyway), and to seek perfect alignment with that God in all of their actions.” — Alice

Alice is correct of course. But that means the problem is even more serious and harder to fix.

So it’s not just VALIDATION its MENTAL REGULATION that’s driving the behavior. Ouch…. Hence men fire-gazing quietly, watching sports, etc for mindfulness. And women chatting, and ‘bizzying’ for mindfulness.

Sigh. I don’t want to know this.
We’re just bots. Really. Sigh.

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