Why Will the P-Law Program Work?


Because it P-Law a minor tweak to the most successful system of government in human history, and the only one to create a modern state capable of bulding and maintaining itself as a first world power.

There are a set of minor holes in our ‘operating system’ (Constitution, law, tradition, adn religion) through which the enemy can easily march. To the average person this seems unfixable. However it isn’t. The law creates a market for the suppression of criminality. We need only define the crimes in terms that the law can ‘scientifically’ test. And that’s what I’ve done.

Put the infrastructure in place, and the rest will work. Because these ‘ordinary men’ will have the ability to follow their gut instincts: SUPPRESS WHAT IS IRRECIPROCAL, DISGUSTING, AND DISLOYAL.

You see. That is what drives their intuitions. But they have no means of organizing that suppression and no means of disambiguating ithe irreciprocal disgusting and disloyal from that which is just ‘odd’ or inventive.

So the only question is dominate and pay the cost of civilizing the enemy, or separate and let them pay the cost of their failures.

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