The Method to The Apparent Madness


There is a very deep method to my apparent madness on the topic of the right’s tendency to fail. That method would be deprecated if I were to state it openly. But as I have demonstrated over the past decade, the use of via negativa king of the hill games tends to produce better outcomes than attempting to ‘sell’ the right. I am not selling. I’m illustrating the failure of every other right-wing fantasy as just that: cost evasion, pretense of unearned virtue, pretense of unearned morality, overconfidence because of all three, manifesting in cowardice. Belief means nothing. It is the feminine means of demanding men serve them. The right has evolved through Christianity, and having risen from germanic peasantry, is demanding service. It is not anglo saxon: creating sovereignty through demonstrated action. So either conservatives will learn to pay the cost of victory – or they will be defeated. Right now, everything conservative means is ‘cost evasion’ so that the enemy wins.

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