Let a Thousand Nations Bloom, with A Thousand Different Norms.


—-”I want Black people to free ourselves from the shackles of caring what white people think of us, as if they are the arbiters of good behavior.” —- Khadijah A. Robinson @dijadontneedya

Khadija: We (whites) are the abiters of the behaviors that maximize innovation, adaptation, evolution, and prosperity, by rule of law, high trust, high trust commons, norms, traditions, and institutions – and the high psychological cost of doing so. This is because we are, by accident of geography and time, the most technologically advanced peoples, in reason, science, technology, medicing, institutions, governments, rule of law, traditions, norms, and values.

Whiteness is behaviorally expensive. It is extremely burdensome in high investment parenting, in high investment behavioral commons, and in high investment institutions. These costs are not only emotional and psychological but economic – it’s expensive to raise high investment children. So, not all groups can copy us. As such not all groups should even try to copy us.

That said, we cannot cohabitate in the same polities (countries) if we are sufficiently different in our ability to pay psychological, emotional, cultural, and institutional costs of impulse suppression equal to whites and E.Asians.

The dirty secret that genetic researchers are quietly trying to explain without advocating it, is that the difference between cultures is largely a difference between class sizes, and class sizes are largely a difference in executive function (self-regulation).

Moreover, the differences in executive function are the result of genetic adaptation to climate where smaller populations in colder weather appear to have produced reductions in aggression and impulsivity by increases in neotenic evolution (decrease in sexual maturity).

Ergo, yes, it is unfair to ask populations with large lower and underclass populations where the entire population is of lower neotenic evolution, to adhere to the norms of more neotenic populations that have practiced higher natural selection during colder agrarian geographies.

The secret to ‘getting along’ is ‘let a thousand nations bloom’. And let people sort into the nations, governments, institutions, traditions, and norms that suit their genetic distributions. We are only equal in trade. And trade is the only equality we need.

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