Is the American Experiment Dead or Going Through an Evolutionary Revolution?


The american idea consisted of leaving behind the parasitic aristocracy, parasitic clergy and church, and parasitic underclass, to create a meritocratic majority middle class society of producers.

However, for a variety of reasons
(a) jefferson brought in the French utopian ideas,
(b) the french destruction of german aristocratic and martial civilization suppressing the european restoration of civilization by prussia
(c) the opportunity to drive warlike europeans out of the western continent
(d) the north and the south were different civilizations at different stages of development
(e) the civil war, the american post-civil war effort to push warlike europeans out of our hemisphere,
(f) and the ‘unjust’ was to contain ‘just’ germany,
(g) and the migration of postwar jews that had undermined Germany and Russia into America undermined not only the american experiment in a majority middle class, but falsified the experiment with eliminating the aristocracy that preserved ethnonationalism out of self interest. And slowly left behind germanic, anglo, common, natural law for jewish and french positive law.

Is the american experiment in formalizing germanic civilization’s rule of law, tfifunctionalism, and evolutionary velocity free of the parasitic classes dead? Or is it stalled because we insufficiently understood what it would take to defend it from bad ideas?

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