The Problem of Peaceful Moral Separation or Restoration


If I can get you (all) ‘on message’ that:
… 1) The jewish strategy is the weaponizing of the female strategy,
… 2) Women are vulnerable to, seducible by, the female strategy.
… 3) The jews are the best in the world at warfare by the female strategy,
… 4) And we can use the Law as I’ve formalized it into a science, to equally suppress the female strategy in society, politics, and war as we have equally suppressed the male strategy in society, politics,and war.

If I can get enough of you to that point of understeanding then we have a solution that doesn’t involved killing a hundred million people, and gives us the moral high ground.

I mean, it just says ‘we’re all bots’ no one is to blame because they’re a bot (semi domesticated animal) and we just need to increase the constraints on the expression of female warfare as we have to male warfare – and that it’s possible.

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