Why the Methodology Succeeds


I just work harder and longer and more exhaustively to seek to undrestand over time frames and at personal cost few can afford to pay.

— “Exhaustive Continuous Adversarial Disambiguation, by Serialization and Operationalization, Resulting in a Single Most Parsimonious Paradigm, First Principles, Vocabulary, Grammar and Operational Logic as a Univerally Commensurable System of Measurement, that Permits the Falsification of all Claims Across all Human disciplines.” —

That’s the method. Once you know the methodology then you have to attack every problem you seek to understand exhaustively. And you have to be wiling to throw out every single thing you already hold dear, including your most sacred cows, if you want to discover the truth.

So it’s just not a matter of skill, or intelligence, but of personality: you have to be capable of the truth. And it appears that few of us are. And all of them are male.

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