Evolution of Theories

There is a difference between continuous increase in precision and falsehood. And there is a difference between a law, a first principle, a settled theory, a working theory, a proposed theory, and a hypothesis.

Most science since the greeks has continuously increased in precision rather than falsified the entirety of the theory. And even those theories that are stated as scientific laws. For example there is something wrong with the formula for gravity but that does not mean the theory is false. It means it is only incompete.

From Aristotle to newton to einstein has been an increase in precision. And gravity is still incomplete. Was newton wrong? no. at human scale his theory was sufficient, but in retrospect it was incomplete.

Why? Because a theory, like all knowledge, consists of the narrative by which we identify opportunities to make use of the theory, the narrative we use to explain causality, and the formula by which we measure the observations.

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