Dear India: It’s Not Racism

THIS EPISODE OFFENDED ME. European civilization is predicated on the individual’s right to self-determination by self-determined means. All rights are individual. Governments have no rights. Only obligations to their people.

So Europeans recognize the right to self-determination of other races, ethnicities, and cultures – as long as that self-determination is achieved by self-determined means. Europeans are the most evolved civilization in producing this self-determination. And we have paid a high price in blood and wealth to drag humanity out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, and the vicissitudes of nature.

We recognize that other peoples are ‘on a journey’ into the scientific, technological, and institutional modernity we have produced. And we also recognize that we ourselves are internally suffering from the revolt against modernity by Judaism, Islam, our own Christian fundamentalists, class marxism, neo-Marxist cultural marxism, postmodern marxism against truth itself, anti-male feminist family-marxism, and woke race-marxism.

All of which are pseudoscientific and sophomoric revolts – a new pseudoscientific religion – against the Darwinian explanation for European and east Asian evolutionary successes across the spectrum (as well as the reason why South Eurasian, Southeast (pacific) Asian, and African civilizations have not equally succeeded.)

We do not consider this racism. We consider this simple science and economics.

The cost of attempting to integrate the rest of mankind into modernity was impossible to pay before the world wars, and it remains impossible to pay in the post cold war era. There is too much demand for authority in the civilizations of Islam, China, and Russia – and Modi is taking India into nationalism (which is good) but if it is regressive into mysticism, then it isn’t.

So Europeans failed at colonization by direct rule, and we’ve failed at indirect federation, so our only choice is to follow the Chinese and the Russians (and now the Indians) into defending our own, and letting the rest of the world return to its level of natural advancement, while we continue to evolve on our own, and solve our own internal rebellion against modernity by the left.

So when we say ‘the Ukrainians are white Christian we mean they are part of our family – our civilization.

And as Professor Huntington predicted, the attempt to ‘domesticate’ the rest of the world would and has failed. We return to a conflict of civilizations. We lose the quality of life produced by the anglo-American unification of the world and attempt to produce natural law and natural rights, and every civilization is returning to protecting its own – and we are no different.

We have burned our middle, working, and laboring classes to try to advance mankind, and not be baited into fundamentalism or communism or fascism. And we have failed. And our middle, working, and laboring classes are adamant that we end their suffering to advance a world that hates them.

Even the Europeans, who virtue-signal that they have somehow transcended the conflict of civilizations, are now confronted with the reality that they were ‘doctor’s wives’ – living a privilege that the American military and government and people had paid for.

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