The Scientific Origins of Left vs Right


Left = Concentrating resources (consumption) in the self and offspring. Reducible to individual Irresponsibility; producing stagnation, devolution, and dysgenia. Female search for quantity and equality (evasion of competition) – ergo left consistency of emotion rather than logic, minimizing adaptive stress.

– vs –

Right = Concentrating resources (capitalization) in the society and polity. Reducible to Individual Responsibility; producing innovation, adaptation, and eugenia. Male search for quality and hierarchy (competitive) – ergo right consistency of logic rather than emotion, maximizing adaptive stress.

These definitions CAN’T be wrong.

Sex difference is the causal axis of all human differences, just as neoteny is the causal axis of group differences, and accumulation of genetic load is the causal axis of all class differences. Thus creating a three causal axis representation of all human behavior.

And where, as we scale, and discover means (laws, rules, norms, traditions) of cooperation, we reduce pressure of adaptation, accumulate genetic load, increase sex, class, and group differences, and exchange fast technological innovation at the expense of increasing genetic load, for slower genetic innovation, at the benefit of limited increase in genetic load.

The left requires totalitarianism to achieve anything because it is intrinsically hostile to the stresses of evolutionary adaptation. The right requires rule of law (merit) to authoritarianism (hierarchy) to limit hostility to evolutionary adaptation, and to maximize evolutionary adaptation.

You won’t like it but all female, feminine, feminine-biased male, credentialist via approval (rather than meritocratic via compeition) and underclass behavior is reducible to evasion of responsibility for the private, semi-private, and common.

Meanwhile, the reason for western civilization’s rapid evolution in the bronze (river), iron(mediterranean), and steel (oceanic) ages, is due to the maximization of responsibility pushing it downward to the lower classes by providing a path from barbarian, to slave, to serf, to freeman, to citizen, to sovereign. Each of those classes represents the volume of responsibility one is able and willing to manage.

Christianity was ‘interesting’ in that it provided a means for the least able, with the least education, with the least resources, with the least alliances, to obtain virtue by ‘not doing wrong’ instead of ‘doing good’.

The difference between civilizations is due to the degree of responsibility that their institutions, norms, traditions, values, myths, demand of the individual.

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