Generations of The Diaspora and The Political Economcis of Judaism vs Europeanism


Gen 1: Middle eastern macro group: Mizrahim > Gen 2: Iberian Diasporic: Sephardim > Gen 3: Germanic and Slavic diasporic: Ashkenazim. There are names for groups in most of the countries that produce a ghetto (city region) or community (informal) from the diaspora.

The diaspora first started as trading, but moneychanging, lending and tax collecting (and slaving, gambling, prostitution, alchohol on credit to bait into hazard) were sufficient to fund the local communities. The abiltiy to specilize in rent-seeking professions at high returns, while not paying the primary cost of ingegration, production, and defense mirrors the parasitism of the aristocratic-noble military, and the clerical-administrative classes.

That means there is nothing special about the jews. it’s the natural consequence of specialization in unregulated profigint from non-productive activities. The problem is that europeans are culturally indoctrinated into high trust metaphysics, manners, ethics and morals, of military peoples who must hold territory at high cost of commons. The jews were insulated from those resopnsibilities and ethics for reasons of legal and cultrual history that take some explanation. Fundamentally semitic civilization is a low trust tribal civilization and we can’t tell how much is genetic and how much cultural. Since semitic ethics is a female cognitive bias we must assume it is both. Fundamentally european civilization at least north of the alps, is a high trust military hierarchical civilization and we know for certain it’s both genetic and cultural.

Always … study technology, economics and law, instead of science, history, literature, and philosophy. The first group is evidentiary, the second group is disconnected from existential realigy. it’s hard to study the history of technology economics and law. But it’s the only history worth studying.

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