The Only Path to Political Power

AGAIN: the Enemy practices the female method of undermining institutions of cultural production (harmony, cooperation) while seducing the margins into the false promise of freedom from the self-regulation that makes that harmony and cooperation possible in a natural meritocracy.

So if you want to play social media games for dopamine hits, then you’re missing the point. You can’t win that battle. You’re just letting them bait you into hazard by even imagining that you can win.

Your GSRRM doesn’t matter to them. Theirs only matters to you. It’s how they bait you into powerlessness, and to reactionary behavior which the state can oppress (prosecute).

The Right > Conservative > Classical Liberal >Libertarians cannot defeat the left, because the left is selling a false promise (freebies) and you’re selling a cost. It’s that simple. period. End of story.

There is only one solution. Equally regulating their crimes.

The only path to political power is ‘show up regardless of cost’.

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