Norms: Natural Law Pays for Religion?

–” That makes a lot of sense. In computational terms, thinking of natural law as (near-)perfect signal producing massive value overflow (commons), which pays for religion as lossy signal (median/mean) producing mass or inertia (consumers / recipients of norms). ” — Moritz

That’s a perfect equation.

Note: Integrate into Luke’s Tolerance vs Forbearance work.

–“Natual Law is the narrow path, religion is the wide path. Most would choose the wide path. Because natural law requires training and for groups to integrate that training at all the levels from top to bottom, otherwise, we’re just animals.”–Luke Matthew

–“Yep, so, you know, this is why i’m exasperated: the catholic church almost got there. They could have. They could easily have. But they abandoned the natural law project, and doubled down on mysticism, reversing centuries of advancement beginning with Aquinas. So in the end, as Martin says “The Church taught natural law in religious prose”. This turns out to be correct. SO how do we reform Christianity (or at least catholicism) so that it unifies natural law, humanism, Catholicism, Protestantism, and Orthodoxy, into a singular religion? I mean, it’s pretty obvious to me. Or at least it’s becoming obvious, that reforming catholicism by stating ‘hey, we were right!” creates the opportunity for retaining both religion and secularism. Or at least, the factions of Faith(supernatural), Moral(traditional), and Scientific (Natural Law) – by simply saying we choose the way we interpret gods universe.”–



  • Y-Axis: Development: Infant, Child, Youth, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Mature Adult, Middle age Adult, Senior Adult.
  • X-Axis: Responsibility for Demonstrated Interests
  • Z-Axis: Population (over time) Result: a normal distribution.

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