The Cause of Female Bias

Female bias in perception, auto-association, valuation, attention, and cognition (how the brain operates) is reducible to evasion of responsibility, and evasion of responsibility in order to evade blame while maximizing her hyperconsumption for offspring, and in the absence of offspring for herself. This is a purely genetic bias determined by the neurological organization that evolves during in-utero development. Neurons that fire together wire together. And neurochemicals and hormones ‘bait’ neurons into developing networks that fire together – either empathically and globally (feminine), or analytically and locally(masculine). So, women can’t help it. The left is cognitively feminine. They can’t help it. We can only train humans not to surrender to impulse. And women must of necessity be driven by impulse because children are non-rational, and fragile, and a never ending source of work.

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