Notes from Staff Meeting. 😉

  • Pitch: take responsibility, don’t want agitate the girls… but does it matter.
  • The pen is only mightier than the sword only when it motivates the swords (force multiplier).
  • Women’s superpower is withdrawal of men’s restraint.
    Women can ask men to do it on soft terms, or men will do it on hard terms.
  • The manosphere is winning…. but they are heading toward punishing women for it. (You didn’t train the women, so you punish them for your failure to train them?)
  • Society is a buffer against the consequences of nature. When men withdraw from insulating women from the ocnsequences of nature…. nature punishes women, and women blame men for it anyway. So women blame men for domesticating them, or
  • The left (and women) assume any lack of agreement is a fight.
  • The left uses let’s agree to disagree to allow them to steal.
  • Luke: nature does the job painfully if men don’t do it responsibily.
  • There is no way to create safety – the universe is hostile – what we can do is navigate (adapt) that evironment in relative safety – and the environment never stops changing, and neither can we.
  • All we’re doing is increasing the period between our choices and nature’s feedback from those choices: time allows for adaptation (navigation). This is why we reduce everything to time.
  • The time for children to learn to adapt to the world in it’s state, is being consumed as non-adaption: adults acting like children (infantilization).
  • The anxiety is caused by too much choice from false imporession of choice, caused by the time created by our current scale of tech, economy and population. “Overproduction of time.”
  • Luke: “That’s what law is: carrying nature’s feedback foward in time.”
  • Luke: Every individual requires a core competencies: “Time Defeaters”. Allows you the opportunity to begin to cooperate. The foundatin of cooperation (law, science) is the natural law.
  • If you consume time you must return it.
  • We’re just gentler than nature. If it’s coming to you in words, it’s gentle. The universe isn’t gentle. 😉

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