“Q:How do you define The Existence Dilemma?”

Q: “How do you define The Existence Dilemma? Would the universe exist because it is a simulation and also because it is the opposite of a simulation? Could there be an infinite number of factors that make the universe exist?”

It’s not a dilemma it’s a sophism. There are no paradoxes or dilemmas. (Really)

  1. Despite talking heads, there are no mysterious processes remaining in the universe. We merely lack means of measuring what is an exceptionless regularity in the universe, we call its first principle or cause: under pressure the quantum background (zero point) has only expansion (entropy-disorder) and aggregation (mass-order) available to release the stress. The universe is purely classical. “Mathiness” is a pseudoscience. (Mythology)
  2. Despite talking heads, in a universe under pressure the same competition for solutions to stress will manifest in predictable means. The only difference would be in velocity, frequency and amplitude of variations in the quantum background. In other words, only one optimum set of laws will emerge and they will produce an invariant outcome. Why? geometry limits orbitals (puzzle pieces), and orbitals determine potential connections. In other words, the universe is purely geometric at all levels, and there is only one solution that is survivable, but that solution will emerge in some form regardless of the initial state.
  3. Despite talking heads, we have no evidence of whether our observable universe is singular, whether it exists inside a greater macro universe, or whether our universe is but another bubble in a froth of multiple universes. However, we have no evidence or logic that suggests any other variation on this universe can exist. Everything suggests not. There is no knowledge yet by which we can predict which organization of universes: singular, container, or bubbles exist.
  4. The computational behavior of a universe cannot be simulated except as the universe itself. In other words we cannot be living in a simulation.
  5. Humans have an innate desire for discounts on the first principle of human behavior: acquisition(retention, consumption). This principle manifests as ‘the greatest return in the shortest time with the least effort, with the greatest certainty, at the lowest risk.’ This manifests in our bodily economy. In our neural economy. in our behavioral economy. in our social economy. in our political economy. In other words, we’re all looking for discounts. And some of us are looking for ‘cheats’. In other words, whether ideas, beliefs, ideologies, philosophies, religions, hyperconsumption, or drugs we seek to obtain discounts on existence ‘cheats’. One of those cheats is metaphysical. It is the equivalent of the hunter-gatherer imagining the undiscovered valley full of rivers, greenery and fresh game. And nothing more.
  6. There are only so many axis of self-delusion possible:
    • (a) The physical: Magic to Pseudoscience
    • (b) The verbal: Sophistry to Idealism (philosophy, ideology)
    • (c) The intuitionistic: Occult to Religion (Supernatural, Theology)
    • (d) Avoidance, Evasion, and Denial (see HBD denial, genetic denial)
    • (e) Blame and undermining (see marxism, neomarxism, feminism, postmodernism, pc-woke)
    • (f) Social construction by Storytelling any or all of the above (environmental saturation, institutionalizing lying)
    • (g) Hedonism: hyperconsumption, sex, alcohol, and drugs
  7. So, given the malincentives to reform in the academy, we must expect at least one generation to die off before we see reform in the evolutionary, behavioral, physical ,and logical sciences (despite some of us working very hard to bring it about.) 😉

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