The Problem with Launching a Revolution


The primary reason for business failure is launching too early. The secondary reason for business failure is focusing internally rather than on customers. The third reason for business failure is a lack of capital. The fourth reason is a weak team or a divided team. We would fail for all of these reasons. ‘We can’t release buggy software and right now we’ve got buggy alpha software”

The market has to be ready. The overton window has to be over the middle class. It probably has to be over ‘moms’. The economy has to create uncertainty. And the people must be angry about their conditions. Most of these conditions are converging as expected.

The problem remains that the dumb young f___ks make coalesence and convergence of the factions impossible. As such we must understand that the people who are currently active and providing feedback and participating in conversations are the people least likely to matter. They are the least likely to show. The least likely to be competent. and the least l ikely to follow direction.

Ergo 1) our bottom feeders will most likely cause failure of any revoution 2) we will need to leave large numbers of them behind and silence them in order to produce a revolution 3) because they are such ‘shits’ that they poison the well for any and all emerging talent. In other words, we may need a way of ‘burning’ them in order to achieve fictory if we cannot find a way to prevent the harm they do with every character they type on social media.

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