Why Young Men Double Down on ‘fail’.


When a young male that is otherwise unsuccessful in life, finds a paradigm he can feel self worth, self image, and status from empathizing with, identifying with, obtaining competency in, and advocating, he doubles down on his malinvestment reinforcing his error, rather than investigating and mastering the competing theories that falsify not only his presumption but each other. This is a universal behavior among what we call ‘the midwits’. It’s also what we call an addiction response. The fundamental problem with such incompetent, ignorant, addicted midwits is that between their addiction-defense, the intellectual dishonesty that will use in defending it, the volume of knowledge one must convey, and the degree of effort required to educate them, it’s too costly in time and patience to do so – and so we let them stumble around like drunks, repeating their fairy stories, polluting the informational commons simply because cleaning up the mess they are and are making is too much effot.

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