Yes It’s a Bit of Work to Learn…


–“Curt, You skip a lot of steps in your logical chain”–

1of4 Our legs are of different lengths so our gaits are of different lengths. Likewise, our cognitive networks are of different lengths so our steps in a chain of reasoning are of different lengths.

2of4 There is a natural conflict between my attempts to enumerate a chain of reasoning (system of measurement) and the ability of individuals to identify the constant relations across the arc of the supply-demand curve.

3of4 This is why my work is difficult to grasp: because I cannot resort to ideal types(sets) that are simple for the human mind, but I use sequences (supply-demand curves) as the points along the curve – that’s dense, but hopefully parsimonious enough for grasping and MEMORIZING.

4of4 So yes, the work is difficult to understand at first just as programming languages are difficult to understand at first, just as the terminology of any scientific discipline requires work. And worse, you are habituated to relying on simple intuition in behavioral sciences.

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