If it wasn’t for christianity we wouldn’t have had the dark ages

No. If it wasn’t for Christianity we wouldn’t have had the dark ages of Semitic ignorance imposed on Europeans, and instead, greek and roman literacy, philosophy, science, reason, law, and administration would have continued the slow domestication of European tribes instead of lying to them with Semitic falsehoods exacerbating superstition instead of providing education.

You can’t win. Judaism= Christianity= Islam= Marxism= Postmodernism= Feminism = PC-woke.

You are a victim of indoctrination into the Semitic means of social construction of false promises of evasion of the laws of the universe and you were taught to lie using that method of false promise using denial, superstition, and sophism, just as the woke have been taught by false promise using pseudoscience, denial, and sophism.

You’re a liar, using the female means of lying, that was institutionalized by the Jews as a war against western aristocracy, and just an ass clown that’s been made as mentally incapable as the average woman by that indoctrination into the women’s method of magical thinking by the social construction of lying.

–“All the fruitful accomplishments happened under Christianity.”–

That’s a willful lie.

Read: Gifts of Athena, Lever of Riches, Rulers, Religion, and Riches: Why the West Got Rich, Human Accomplishment, and a hundred others.

Then Read: The Christian Destruction of the ancient world, and learn how Christians did the exact same thing to Rome as woke is doing to us today.

The Abrahamic religions manufactured ignorance, and Christianity was the pc-woke movement of the ancient world, destroying the aristocratic civilization of Rome, just like pc-woke is destroying the empirical aristocratic civilization of modernity.

Not only did Christianity make you ignorant but it taught you to lie by sophistry, since the entirety of the works of Christian thinkers combine sophistry and supernatural fictionalism, using Abrahamic formalization of the female means of lying, by seduction into a false, unwarrantable, unfalsifiable promise of future gain.

Jesus, if he existed, and it looks increasingly like he was a fictional character begun by Saul, resulted in the Jefferson Bible, which is the only known surviving words of this person, fictional or not. The rest of it is just as manufactured as marxism, neo-marxism, postmodernism, feminism, pc-woke, anti-white cult. They used the pulpit and created a state within a state. The modern work used the academy and created a state within a state. The only difference was the promise of utopia in an afterlife vs the promise of utopia after whiteness.

Same lie. Same method of lying. Same suckers who buy the lies.

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