Understanding Jewish Group Tactics.

Understanding Jewish Group Tactics, by Curt Doolittle

Technically speaking the Jews (and Muslims) hide behind special pleading (pretense of innocence, pretense of victimbood) – and plausible deniabilty for race, for religion, and for past (justified) persecution, while they practice warfare from within by treason (priority of external loyalty), sedition (undermining from within) rather than warfare by physical violence, to conduct their war against informational, social, political, economic institutions by evasion ”gossiping, shaming, outraging, rallying, moralizing, psychologizing, loading, framing, false and exaggerated accusation” ) to undermine rather than offer (“truthful, reciprocal, possible, survivable and beneficial”) competing alternatives, and using critique (criticism to undermine a proposition rather than advocating an equally criticizable competing solution), social construction (false narratives), pilpul (sophistry), actionalism (pseudoscience, idealism, supernaturaalism), baiting into hazard (seduction, enticement, entrapment) using historical obscurantism and revisionism (disinformation), false promise (freedom from probability, determinism, scarcity, and self interest, reciprocity, kin selection, and regresson to the mean, genetic load, and natural selection), and financial warfare (concentration of incentives to produce concentration of force), legal contrivance (abuse of juridical defense) exploiting our unique european tolerance for adversarial ideals *within the law*, and using conspiracy (ethnocentrism, separatism), to profit from war from within against european peoples who uniquely (falsely) concieve of warfare as limited to physical conflict – because of the western indo european founding principles of self determination by self determined means, by adversarial(scientific) resolution of disputes, under the rules of reciprocity in display word and deed, including testimonial speech ( truthful, empirical, warrantied, liable) including trifunctional adversarial conflict between elites in military, law and faith, with military limiting it’s dominance expression to returns on the commons, the law holding to the oath of neturality, the faith holding to the oath of non-aggression under the law, and all three elites to the oath of ‘do no harm’ within the polity.

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