24 November

Class Liberties

So, as far as I know, you are always a slave as long as you are dependent upon other people’s efforts to survive. 1 – Undomesticated animal 2 – Slave …

07 October

Women and Men

Women exist as our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends. In that capacity we are equal. But in politics and war women are as incapable as men are of conception …

07 October


Those who fight Those who judge Those who choose (risk) Those who discover (research) Those who organize ( manage ) Those who produce Those who reproduce Those who care Those …

02 September

Economic Velocity and Trust

(important concept) pectrum: American Utopianism (absurdly high trust) British Moralism (very kinship trust) German Realism (high trust) Catholic Familialism (medium trust) Eastern European Skepticism (low trust) Russian Nihilism (no trust) …

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