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  • What’s The Point Of Racialization Of Different Ethnic Groups?

    Power is available under democracy that is not available under constitutional monarchy.

  • Las diferencias entre familias, clanes, razas y tribus

    El Problema: La regresión constante de la calidad de los hombres por debajo de la media y las desviaciones estándar crean la necesidad para que existan presiones persistentes que mantengan una necesidad genética en los grupos humanos. Esto quiere decir que los grupos pueden perder calidad muy fácilmente en cualquier momento que permitan mezclarse entre […]

  • Love Doesn’t Require Debate

    We are supposed to love women and care for them. We are not supposed to debate with them over true or false. Only whether a want is possible for the two of us, or impossible for the two of us. Our education, commerce, and politics places too much emphasis on true or false or good […]

  • Class Liberties

    So, as far as I know, you are always a slave as long as you are dependent upon other people’s efforts to survive. 1 – Undomesticated animal 2 – Slave (no rights) 3 – Serf (rights to some of the proceeds of labor) 4 – Employee/Freeman (rights to property, rights to the proceeds of labor, […]

  • Definitions of Relations

    EMPLOYEE Responsible for own provision of room and board and care from the product of one’s wages. FARMER Holds sufficient land and labor to produce goods not only for consumption but for sale in the market, as personal property. PEASANT Holds a small plot of land farmed by the family, for family consumption, as family […]

  • The Three Orders: Kin, Cult, State

    I would say that the Cathedral Complex (state, academy, media) are all engaged in customer seeking – an incrementalist form of rent seeking. They profit from the building of customers and rents. The interesting question not discussed is that because we humans make use of law, religion, and market, but we choose a dominant bias […]

  • Women and Men

    Women exist as our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends. In that capacity we are equal. But in politics and war women are as incapable as men are of conception and birth. And it is more likely that men will give birth than women will demonstrate capability in politics and war. Dependence upon female defense […]

  • The Rational Risk Pursuit And Aversion Of Genders

    (By Eli Harman) —” While there certainly can be exceptions, in general, women are going to be more risk averse and men more risk tolerant. That’s a sensible risk management strategy. If a man fails, (in contrast to a woman) the individual consequences may be severe, but the consequences to the group are less severe, […]

  • Sequence

    Those who fight Those who judge Those who choose (risk) Those who discover (research) Those who organize ( manage ) Those who produce Those who reproduce Those who care Those who are unable Those who are criminal Those who betray.

  • The Subtle Cause Of Differences In Races And Tribes

    The ethnically Dutch are definitely the ‘master tribe’ by any empirical measure. The ethnically north sea (Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Finns and North Germans) are an obvious distance behind. If for no other reason than there is greater territorial distance between them and the less evolved people (resistance to invasive genes), and the difficulty of surviving […]

  • Script for Video on Morality

    NEW VIDEO. PROPERTARIANISM: LECTURE : SOCIAL SCIENCE : MORALITY I tried to give an exhaustively thorough analysis of morality. Approximately 60 Minutes. You may need to watch it more than once (I would). But it should give you a complete language for discourse on morality. OUTLINE (SCRIPT): ————— MORALITY (video script outline) Today I’m going […]

  • Differences in Families, Clans, Tribes, Nations, Races

    Working theory: PROBLEM Constant regression toward the mean creates the need for persistent pressures to maintain a genetic advantage in the group. Meaning that groups can regress easily at any point through admixture, or shifting of rates of reproduction within the group. VALUE Man can adapt to any circumstance without requiring evolutionary mutation, but due […]

  • How Humans Adapt More Than Evolve

    In my work, I assume that very little genetic ‘evolution’ occurs at all. And that instead, humans possess an extraordinary ability to express multiple evolutionary strategies in response to changes, pressures, and shocks. We can call upon an amazing wealth of genetic expression of ability if we need to. And it can occur rapidly by […]

  • Proving Communal Warfare Among Hunter Gatherers (Paper)

    (as always, not only the article, but the citations for this article are priceless. Which is why I have saved it here.) [P]roving communal warfare among hunter-gatherers: The quasi-rousseauan error Keywords: hunter-gatherer warfare;Rousseauism;Australian Aborigines;naturally evolved predispositions for violence and peace Abstract Was human fighting always there, as old as our species? Or is it a […]

  • Economic Velocity and Trust

    (important concept) [S]pectrum: American Utopianism (absurdly high trust) British Moralism (very kinship trust) German Realism (high trust) Catholic Familialism (medium trust) Eastern European Skepticism (low trust) Russian Nihilism (no trust) Chinese Deceive and Delay (negative trust)

  • Fear of Outsiders: Against Psychologism

    1) Fear of outsiders is not ‘a thing’ but a universal human reaction. Or at least it is outside of northern europeans. It is not an irrational fear. It is a rational fear. That is why humans bear the intuition. It is an instance of the disgust response. 2) The Fear of Catholics and Jews […]

  • Race: The Desire for Liberty and Equality

    [M]y objective is the achievement of liberty. But there are very few means of achieving it. For all intents and purposes, classes are genetic in origin: reproductive desirability, intelligence, impulsivity, aggression determine your class as much as do your parents norms. As a rule of thumb, the races act as political blocks (kinship) and they […]

  • Trust Is The Most Scarce And Most Expensive Form Of Capital

    Rothbardian Libertarianism is an attack on the high trust society. It an obscurant, rationally justified, excuse for advocating, low trust, parasitic ethics of the ghetto.