Constitution: The Commons

Constitution: The Commons

Article X

The Commons

The Purpose of Commons

Regarding Zoning

(cities for families)

( parks and green space )

( aesthetic construction ) ( spec built homes) (design build prohibition) (design for use) (design by room), ( insurance on restoration to natural state ),

Public Behavior

( … ) prohibition on aggressive, stalking,. hunting for opportunty for crime


Regarding the Commons

1 – Public transportation creates opportunity for disease transmission and exposure to crime. Restore “classes” given the dress and condition of passengers.  All efforts shall be made to provide clean Isolated spaces For each individual, maximum air filtration, and zero tolerance for anything other than flawless civic behavior: clean, dressed for the commons, quiet, and still.  Ill citizens shall avoid public transport, wear masks, and gloves. The citizenry shall police this behavior, and if necessary civil enforcement shall be allocated to do so.

2 – All carriers whether solid (such as wire or fiber) or container( such as pipe) shall be placed Underground To limit the visual noise and territorial hazard of poles and other structures, except where distance prohibits due to capacitance effects. Except for long-distance and high voltage lines, all suburban, urban lines shall be underground.

3 – All “outdoor” commercial advertising, including billboards, mobile billboards, transit advertising, banners, posters, ( …. )

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