Constitution: The Insurer of Last Resort

Constitution: The Insurer of Last Resort

Article V

Section IV – The Insurer of Last Resort


( … )

1 – Tradesmen in the physical trades shall retire at full benefits ten years before non-tradesmen in non-physical trades.

Mandatory Work 



1 – No one shall receive benefits without work in the service of others.
2 – Work will be provisioned primarily to the maintenance and improvement of the commons – from cleaning to patrolling, to assisting in the orderliness of the people in the commons, to groundskeeping, gardening, to landscaping, and arboring, to improvement, maintenance and construction of the physical plant (buildings roads etc), until no public space exists that is not a victorian park – aesthetic capital construction.
3 – Work shall be found by online notification, and application. Teams can form, develop a reputation and bid for work by their reputation.
4 – Benefits can be lost by anti-social behavior either by not performing work, performing it consistently poorly, or annoyingly, or by creating conflict with coworkers.


1 – Title to Property:

– A multiple redundant database shall be created for the registry of titles to interests.

— End of Article V —

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