If I Were Paine, I’d Be Happy History Blamed Jefferson

Regarding the debate as to whether Jefferson or Paine wrote the original draft of the Declaration of Independence.

I don’t care whether Paine or Jefferson authored the constitution one way or the other. I don’t think it’s material.

I am fairly sure at this point that we would have been better off in the end if Washington had been made King, as Adams desired. Much better off.

Democracy, especially since the Senate has been directly elected is simply the slow road to totalitarianism.

A government consisting of a King for affairs of state and justice, plus a Senate for affairs of money and commerce, plus a House of Commons for affairs of redistribution and charity, mirrors the class structure of society.

Democracy perpetuates the myth of equality – the classes are not equal in ability, skill, knowledge or wisdom. They are instead, forms of specialization.

The American revolution simply encouraged the turnover of the great monarchies, and the destruction of western civilization that restulted from it.

We had it right. The old english system was right.

Adams was right, and Paine got it wrong.

If I were Paine, I’d be happy that history has blamed it all on Jefferson.

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