Hazard Creation (Entrapment) As a Group Evolutionary Strategy

[W]e should point out that Tunnel Spider Ethics, and Ghetto ethics, and the use of SEX TO BAIT MEN, are all hazard creators. And that any population (tribe, race, nation) that specializes in feminine strategy, and evolves sufficient right-distribution of the intelligence curve, will develop talents at feminine entrapment: gossip, bait, and parasitism.

This is an extremely unpleasant topic.

So look in the mirror at what westerners have done.

We conquer people, and use upward redistribution to domesticate them and expand the population until it is almost entirely middle class.

So make sure you use comparative ethics when you criticize one group so that you are aware of what yoru group does.

We are all competitors.

Cooperation just makes competition more beneficial for us than conflict is for the lesser beings.

All we do is right-shift the competitive curve.

We should have continued our domestication of man.

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