Men Will Follow Rational Incentives – Women Not So.

(by Eli Harman)

[V]oting either directs violence, or it is a substitute for violence.

But the actual violence, supplied to carry the vote into effect, will be supplied by men.

And the potential violence, which may prevent the vote being carried into effect, will be *not supplied* by men.

Therefore, women are utterly superfluous to the whole process. Voting, for them, is just a source of windfall boons, of unearned rents, which they could in no other way obtain for themselves.

When allowing women to participate in voting becomes too costly (and I would argue it already has, most just haven’t realized it yet) then it will no longer be in the interests of men to supply the violence to carry votes into effect, or refrain from supplying violence to prevent them being carried into effect. And we’ll start doing something else.

If we don’t, women will consume and destroy everything. Their wishful thinking recognizes and imposes no limits upon itself.

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