24 June

Philosophical Crimes:

0 – Ignorance 1 – Error 2 – Bias 3 – Wishful Thinking 4 – Suggestion, Loading and Framing 5 – Obscurantism, Pseudorationalism, Pseudoscience 6 – Overloading, Saturation, and Propaganda …

23 June

Let’s Correct History A Bit

(I will get hate mail over this rather grand deflowering) http://www.scientificamerican.com/…/how-2-pro-nazi-nobelis…/ Some of us have to clean up history a bit: (1) There is nothing strange about a popular political …

22 June

Nietzsche’s Morality Isn’t

Nietzche had little understanding of law(dispute resolution), and less understanding if not no understanding of its opposite: economics (cooperation). When he says ‘morality’ he means ‘convention’. and in that sense, …

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