Q. What is Propertarianism? In A Word: Reciprocity.

Apr 15, 2017 4:32pm

What is Propertarianism?
A scientific, meaning descriptive, statement of Natural Law.

What is Natural Law?
A fully decidable (universal) Law of Ethics.

What do you mean by ethics?
The law of cooperation and conflict resolution.

What is this law of cooperation and conflict resolution?


In the Negative (Silver Rule, or via-negativa): The requirement to avoid the imposition of costs on that which others have born costs to obtain an interest in, without imposing costs upon that which others have likewise born costs to obtain an interest in.

In the Positive(Golden Rule, or via-positiva): the requirement that we limit our actions to productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfers, free of the imposition of costs by externality, upon that which others have obtained by the same means.

As determined by the either any change, or the total change in the inventory that all parties both internal and external to the action have born costs to obtain an interest without imposition of costs upon others directly or indirectly by externality.

—“All of ethics can be reduced to [is a subset/special application of] the degree of reciprocity & the the accounting thereof.— James Augustus

Because it is apparently impossible to contradict reciprocity in cooperation (ethics), and as such it provides perfect decidability in all contexts of cooperation at all scales in all times, and under all conditions.

Why didn’t we use Natural Law or Reciprocity, or Sovereignty, and why did we use Propertarianism?

We used propertarianism because property, like money, provides the unit of measurement – the test – of changes in state caused by our actions. Property in toto, (that which others have born costs to obtain an interest without imposing costs upon the interests of others) like money, like any standard of measure in any field, provides a perfect test of reciprocity: cooperation.

Natural Law has been ‘tainted’ by various authors, so we had to differentiate ourselves from those previous authors.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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  1. —“I just wanted to ask you what you meant by something. In this post, what do you mean by “The requirement”?”— Olllie

    Requirement: “the preservation of the incentive to cooperation and the preservation of the disincentive to engage in predation, parasitism, and retaliation, requires that…”

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