The Construction Of A Civil Order

by John Dow

I would define a ‘Civil Order’ as the result of successfully negotiated, reciprocal social construction.

In order to successfully negotiate a condition of interpersonal reciprocity we must have incentive to:

1) reciprocally participate (suppression of parasitism),
2) trust that exchange shall be honoured (insurance) and;
3) commensurable means of reference and calculation (truthful speech and operational law).

Mindfulness practiced correctly enables one to better conceive of the externalities of their behaviour and the actual and/or potential social rewards and punishments which accrue from these externalities.

Thus, as Mindfulness generates greater rationality in the practitioner, it generates greater capacity to calculate reciprocity, therefore generating greater capacity to successfully negotiate reciprocity.

(curt says: “perfection”. That is how it is done.)

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