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Can someone look into this for me? I don’t want to get into the politics of it. What I want to know is if this is more evidence of the left’s “Problem” of lying or not.

—“Roy Moore’s accusers. Where’s the beef?
1. Leigh Corfman – claimed she talked to Moore on her bedroom phone. Her mother Nancy Wells says her daughter did not have a phone in her BR during that period. (POSSIBLE LIAR)
2. Wendy Miller – dated him when she was of legal age in Alabama (17, legal age is 16), and says they only kissed, nothing more. (NOTHING ILLEGAL)
3. Debbie Wesson Gibson – was 17 when Moore dated her, they kissed. She worked as a sign language translator for Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, adamantly anti-Trump and supporter of Roy Moore’s opponent Doug Jones. “Looking back, I’m glad nothing bad happened”, she said. (NOTHING ILLEGAL)
4. Gloria Thacker Deason – says she went on dates with him as 18-yr old, only kissed and hugged according to her. Claims they drank alcoholic drinks together. (NOTHING ILLEGAL except possible consumption of alcohol which no underage people ever consume)
5. Beverly Young Nelson – yearbook shows a signature with a very different y, Roy Moore signed as “D.A.” when he was never District Attorney (just Deputy District Attorney, D.D.A.), and completely different number ’77’ in 1977 compared to ones written directly above on the yearbook (i.e. at least 2 different people wrote the alleged single-authored text) (POSSIBLE LIAR)
That’s it. That’s the story local news feels the need to start out every single night. 3 kissing relationships with legal-age young women, 2 probable liars.”— A Friend.

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